About FOC

Freedom of Choice Australia Inc. (FOC) is a community based, not for profit organization. 

FOC is uniting individuals and organisations from across Australia in a national movement to challenge government’s initiatives that compromise our basic human rights. By bringing our resources, time and skills together we are an irrestistable force in protecting all future generations.

Our Mission

FOC’s mission is to empower people to each chart their own unique future, to make decisions based on all available information and to use non-violent and respectful actions to practice our inalienable, unassailable right to  'Freedom Of Choice'.

Our First Campaign

FOC is currently challenging the “No Jab, No Play, No Pay” legislation that was introduced in February 2016.

Australian infants are now required to submit to a total of 13 to 15 disease vaccinations by the age of 18 months, not once but many times, in order for their parents to receive one of the family tax rebates, as well as child care rebates.

FOC believes that it is the beginning of a slippery slope towards mandatory vaccination for ALL ages.  There is evidence that reveals the Adult Immunisation Register is to be rolled out in Australia in September 2016. No Jab No Pay looks set to now become No Jab No Job, No Jab No Pension, and so on.

With 271 vaccines in the pipeline for future use, FOC is questioning the transparency of the media, government, research and most importantly, the vested interests of pharmaceutical companies.

FOC believes that the media fear and propaganda campaign has been severely biased, very misleading and is omitting important information for the general public.   We aim to counter this trend with truth and proven facts.

Ultimately FOC will to take this current affront to human rights and forced violence against the Australian people directly to the High Court.


What we need is committed individuals who are seriously concerned for freedom of choice in Australia to help support this solid, fast growing community with skills, resources financial support, time and passion. Our momentum is dependent on your involvement - together we will protect our future generations. 


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Our Guiding Principles:

Freedom of Choice is an inalienable and unassailable human right.

People are empowered to live their lives in a fair and reasonable manner based on harmony, mutual respect​, non violence and collaboration.

FOC shares scientifically based and peer reviewed information to enable informed decision making.

We also share case histories and personal testimonials of people whose experiences have been affected by a lack of knowledge, or forced actions.


FOC’s long term vision ​is to grow ​the largest social movement in Australian History that will challenge any and all legislation which adversely impacts the rights of our citizens.